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  • Company profile
    Founded in 1998, guangxi yangxiang co., ltd. is a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, with 39 subsidiaries and more than 5,000 employees.
    The company is mainly engaged in the pig industry. It has two major sectors: self-raised pigs and service raised pigs. It is a high-tech agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise of the whole industrial chain integrating breeding pigs, pork pigs, pig essence, pig feed and pig breeding equipment.
    In 2017, yangxiang stock produced more than 1.5 million pigs. In terms of production performance, PSY reached 27.6 and MSY26.5, with a total survival rate of 92%. All the costs included, the cost of producing pigs was 5.27 yuan/kg.
  • Service is a pig
    The company provides pig essence, pig feed, pig breeding equipment for farmers, supporting a strong technical service system, through genetic inheritance, precise nutrition, biological safety, environmental control, production management five key elements, to help farmers improve efficiency, reduce the cost of pig breeding.
    Yangxiang co., ltd. vigorously develops the "company + base + peasant household (farm)" contract pork raising sharing economic model, which has become an effective model for the company to continuously develop the pig industry, solve land, environmental protection, cost and other problems.
  • International cooperation
    Yangxiang has been continuously strengthening the cooperation with international advanced enterprises. After more than ten years of investment and research on pigs, the company has introduced the United States, Denmark and other top quality breeding pigs. Through scientific determination, accurate evaluation, strict selection and matching of breeding, the company has strengthened the communication with the international community and established a large gene pool of good breeding.
    At the same time, the ecological breeding base established by the company operates the world's largest and most advanced boar breeding station -- yajishan artificial insemination center for pigs. Through strict control of all links, the company is committed to the production of high-quality pig sperm.
  • University-enterprise cooperation
    It has established in-depth cooperation with huazhong agricultural university, China agricultural university, sun yat-sen university and other universities. Among them, yangxiang and huazhong agricultural university established the system of production-study-research and long-term talent training and introduction, organized training courses for coaches, endowed with talents, and laid a talent foundation for serving pig breeding.
  • The enterprise culture
    In line with the core values of "we are a family when we enter yangxiang gate and forge ahead together, we will never abandon each other. Once we hold yangxiang's hand, we will cooperate with each other in good faith, win mutual benefit and reciprocity will always be our friends", yangxiang established guangxi yangxiang charity foundation to provide employees with more protection against emergencies. Carry out "yangxiang health home" activities and hold group weddings to provide employees with a more warm and comfortable working and living environment.
  • future development
    As an enterprise of science and technology agriculture and animal husbandry, Yang xiang always adhere to the concept of "science and technology change in pig", since the early 90 s, the company began to explore the various possibilities of "Internet + agriculture", at present, Yang xiang and industrial Internet platforms - shadow technology depth cooperation, condensed the wisdom of the industry scientists and IT engineers, together with ecological platform "" smart business. Integrate the advantageous resources of global industry and Internet, conduct in-depth cooperation in the three fields of block chain, artificial intelligence and gene, and change the pork industrial chain with digital shadow.
    In the future, the company will make full use of Internet technology, take the road of "intelligent pig raising", is committed to exploring more simple and efficient pig raising methods, in the cost of pig raising "another one yuan", leading domestic, global synchronization.
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