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2019 genetic summit of Yangxiang was successfully launched in Vancouver
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February 11th was the first business day after the Chinese Spring Festival when 2019 genetic summit of Yangxiang was successfully launched in Vancouver, Canada (local time February 10th). Yangxiang staff, together with global genetics experts, discussed on the topic of pig breeding and genetic improvement. 

The summit was presided by Shi Liang, chief executive officer of Yangxiang. Other managers presenting at the summit were Mo Jinzhi(president of Yangxiang),Zhang Conglin ( chief executive officer of Yangxiang’s pig production department), Liu Xiangdong(vice chief executive officer of Yangxiang’s pig production department) and Zhao Yunxiang (director of Yangxiang’s breeding department) and other breeding experts from Yangxiang.

In addition, genetics experts from America, Canada, Australia, Britain and China also attended the summit. 

The summit focused on the topics of Yangxiang’s delicious pig cultivation plan, implementation of united breeding system under ASF circumstance (reduce pig movement based on the ASF prevention procedure, how small farm improve their breeding ability) and upgrading of multi-floor pig farm. 

For pig industry, genetics is the upper limit which decides how far the pig industry can go. 

Yangxiang has been attaching great importance to genetic improvement and takes the lead to carry out intensive breeding work in the industry. A lot of people, materials and finance have been investing to improve its breeding system, build its own breeding team, hire foreign experts and foster its distinctive characteristics and advantages in pig breeding.  

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