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Read ShiEn! Yang xiang shares before the holiday greetings education workers
author:Yang xiang company

From September 6 to 7, on the eve of the 34th teachers' day, he bing, vice chairman of yangxiang group, and Dr. Li jialian, chairman of xiubo science and technology group visited xintang primary school, xintang primary school, tangbiao primary school and wanfu primary school in xintang township, guigang city, respectively, to pay their respects to teachers and extend their holiday greetings and high respect.


On July 7, he bing, vice chairman of the board of directors of xintang primary school and tangbiao primary school, sent gifts of sympathy to the teachers of xintang primary school and tangbiao primary school. Later, under the leadership of the school principal, he visited some teachers' representatives and cared about their working and living conditions. Vice chairman he introduced the current situation of yangxiang stock to the teachers, affirmed the power of science and technology, expressed the desire for talents, thanked the teachers for their hard work, and issued an invitation to the principal, hoping to lead the teachers to visit yangxiang learning, mutual promotion. Finally, he bing sent condolences to xintang primary school and tangbiao primary school respectively.



Vice President he bing and his delegation visited teachers and students of xintang primary school and tangbiao primary school

On the 6th, xiubo science and technology chairman Dr. Li jialian and his party came to wanfu primary school, to the dedication of teachers on the platform of three feet to the high respect, sympathy, in advance for their holiday wishes.


Xiubo technology visited teachers and students of wanfu primary school

    Three feet platform, three inches tongue, three inches pen, three thousand peach and plum; Ten years of trees, ten years of wind, ten years of rain, ten thousand pillars. Teachers, besides parents, are the people who worry about us the most. Here, Yang xiang shares wish all education workers: happy holidays! You have worked hard!

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