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How to build a healthy business organization? Yang xiang did it
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On July 30, 31, 2018, to promote the development of the employees' health of body and mind, to build health organizations, Yang xiang invited university, Chinese academy of sciences, the social and organizational behavior research center director professor shenzheng, shenyang normal university human resources development and management institute, tsao c. teachers, Northeastern University, school of continuing education, career education training center director Ding Ye teacher, Canada, chairman of the application of psychological education association (China) the crown area of north of pig group to visit the teacher exchanges, also held during the university, Chinese academy of sciences, the social and organizational behavior research center - Yang xiang equity joint demonstration base opening ceremony.


The opening ceremony

Professor shi kan and his delegation visited the xinfeng pig farm under construction in the northern region. They got to know the living and working environment of the employees in the farm and the working process of each post, and put forward Suggestions on how to achieve the balance between work and life of the employees in the pig farm.
At the exchange meeting, professor shi kan gave guidance to the construction of healthy organization of yangxiang company, praised the achievements of yangxiang company in the construction of healthy organization in recent years, and put forward relevant Suggestions for the future development of the company, hoping that the construction of healthy organization of yangxiang can become one of the models in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry.


Miss zhang shuhua shares her experience


Professor shi can is training the staff

During the meeting, professor shenzheng back to north area and mid-level managers in a very meaningful lesson, to strengthen the north area and mid-level managers to improve the knowledge of health organization construction, change the mental models, improve the comprehensive management ability, the psychology course knowledge combined with Yang xiang company actual business, easy to understand, the classroom atmosphere was active.


Next, the company will take the northern region as the pilot, rely on the joint demonstration base and the university of Chinese academy of sciences to carry out the organization and staff promotion of various research work, health organization construction, future yangxiang health organization and management concept construction work results are worth looking forward to!

Source: deng minghua, pig business division

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