Industrial internet of pig raising

With the arrival of the Internet, all industries must be renewed. Internet technology is profoundly changing the traditional pig industry. Big data, blockchain and other technologies have created conditions for the realization of the Internet in the pig industry. With the "Internet gene" and as the first domestic company to use barcode in production in 1999 and the first company in the world to make pig farm online in 2018, Yang Xiang’s pursuit of technological innovation is endless.

In 2014, we began to explore digital and intelligent pig raising, and strived to create "intelligent Yangxiang";

In 2015, Yangxiang cooperated with domestic universities Huazhong Agricultural University and domestic and foreign experts, after years of innovation and exploration, integrated the world's advanced pig raising technologies, and launched a multi-floor building intelligent pig raising model;

In 2017, the intelligent pig-raising model of multi-floor buildings was officially put into operation. After more than 3 years of practice, the model has achieved good results. It not only withstood the test of the ASF epidemic, but also successfully saved more than 100,000 sows and all boars, indicating high productivity and reliable operation;

In 2020, on the basis of the intelligent pig farm of multi-floor buildings, Yang Xiang proposed a new model: integration of feed production, pig production, slaughter and food marketing. The integration of this five major sections has completely solved the problems of the traditional  

pig industry that the industrial chain is too long, isolated, disordered and difficult to supervise.

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